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Antique 50's Authentic Fire Alarm Box Simplex
Item #FB1 - $37.50
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Antique 50'S Authentic Fire Alarm Box Simplex Antique 50'S Authentic Fire Alarm Box SimplexAntique 50'S Authentic Fire Alarm Box Simplex Back Antique 50'S Authentic Fire Alarm Box Simplex Opened

Check out this authentic fire alarm box. I got this from an electrictrician who was replacing the fire boxes in his school. He said that he thinks they are from the 50's era. We are not sure of the age so if you know anything about these we would love to learn and hear from you. I can't believe they waited so long to change over. He couldn't believe it either. You had to break the glass (which is done) in front to reach in and pull the leaver. You can read the inside saying "Pull hook way down". It still has its vibrant red color. Some white specks on it from the years of painting that the school walls took. As well as the white paint on the rim from the seal to the wall. This would look so cool in your room. There is light paint loss here and there. You can see from the pics that it does not in any way take away from the integrity and patina of the piece. The front plaque reads "Simplex Time Recorder Co. Gardner, Mass., USA. Type NY, Code 413." There is a plaque on top that reads "Underwriters Labratories, Inc. Inspected, Sig 318, Fire Alarm Box, Private Station, No 458032." It measures approx. 9" by 8". This would look great with Coke Cola stuff or even in a play room.

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